Pensions & Investments: Risk Allocation Must Replace Asset Allocation by William G. Ferrell 

August 13, 2014

"The next big idea in the investment industry is intuitive, creative and highly disruptive"


Ferrell Capital Management: Portfolio Construction by William G. Ferrell

March 28, 2017

A brief description of the Ferrell Concert Strategy for Portfolio Design


Ferrell Capital Management: The Ides of March & St. Patrick's Day by William G. Ferrell

March 17, 2017

Forboding prophecy and celebration come together.  As always, investors are haunted by the "What's Next?" part of the puzzle.


Ferrell Capital Management: CONCERT Perspective 2016 by William G. Ferrell

December 31, 2016

William G. Ferrell's perspective about Ferrell CONCERT as of the end of 2016


MainStreet: Why Risk Keeps Money Managers Up At Night: Emotional Investing by Scott Gamm

September 19, 2014

For other money managers like Bill Ferrell, president and chief investment officer of Ferrell Capital Management, taking cues from what the market says is key to managing risk.

“Our starting place is to allocate risk not assets,” he says. “This means we allocate the amount of risk we want to put in each asset class and then fill up each class with money, which is the opposite of how most managers operate.”


Financial Advisor: Fast Forward by Marla Brill

September 2, 2014

The words “actively managed ETF” might seem like an oxymoron in an industry founded on the premise that low-cost investment in passive indexes beats having a fund manager call the shots.


MainStreet: Investors Show Few Signs of Market Angst by Scott Gamm
June 19, 2014

"There's not much an investor should do based on the VIX," says Bill Ferrell, president and chief investment officer of Ferrell Capital Management. "The VIX was positive throughout 2012 and 2013 and was predicting volatility would spike and it never happened." Ferrell says he's comfortable owning equities and likes periods of low volatility.

ThinkAdvisor: ETFs for Growth and Value by Ron DeLegge
May 27, 2014

“We have observed a pickup in observed volatility with ETFs that have higher exposure to growth stocks. As a result we have been lowering some exposure to ETFs that exceed our risk limits in some portfolios, said William Ferrell, president & CIO of Ferrell Capital Management. “Value sectors such as consumer staples (XLP), energy (XLE), industrials (XLI) and materials (XLB) have shown low volatility measures and have been give full risk allocations in our portfolios.”


Bloomberg Television
May, 2010

On Bloomberg, Bill Ferrell, CIO of Ferrell Capital, discusses volatility in the markets, risk management, and transparency.