Courses and Webinars

Risk Management is a paradigm shift from traditional investment thinking, with a proven track record.  It is helpful to have access to educational resources in order to fully understand the concepts and power of allocating Risk rather than allocating Assets.

Concert Asset Management's Chief Investment Officer William G. Ferrell has published numerous articles on portfolio performance optimization. Bill also speaks before major investment firms on ETFs, risk allocation/management and related topics.

Ferrell Capital Management's educational outreach is now accessible online.

The first of a series of webinars on the theoretical basis of the CONCERT funds is now online at Global Risk Academy.

  • From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation provides a conceptual overview of Risk, as well as considerable detail about the application of this to the financial, statistical and computational realization of the CONCERT funds.

Please click here to visit the course offering for From Asset Allocation to Risk Allocation at Global Risk Academy.