Concert Asset Management is launching investment strategies based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence.  Branded as CONCERT AI, the strategies combine neural networks developed in 2002 - 2004 and trained until 2007 to recognize patterns in security price behavior that lead to statistically reliable forecasts of future price moves.  The combination of historical real-time results along with pro forma applications for recognized benchmarks has demonstrated that CONCERT AI will be capable of producing sufficient alpha to attract Assets Under Management.

Artificial Intelligence and Investments

AI and related neural networks have a proven capability to examine, compare and analyze the price behavior of financial securities, which provides an entirely different approach to investing than the methods currently utilized in the asset management industry. Each AI System has idiosyncratic criteria for the investment selection process.  Using a proprietary filtering process, our system culls each universe of eligible securities based on defined criteria to select investments with high probability of profitable results.

In order to be effective, a neural network must be trained to recognize the desired patterns of suitability, and subsequently left untouched in order to allow Machine Learning to develop a singular process for evaluating future market behavior.  Over-trained neural networks become “curve-fitted” to historical market behavior. This can create large regression platforms destined to fail when market behavior patterns change.  A properly established and disciplined model learns how to adjust to changing market environments and uses the full power of large data capacity to anticipate future price behavior.  Our CONCERT AI model produces high quality outcomes for any set of securities, the results limited only by the underlying performance of the selected security sets and degrees of freedom. 

Why CONCERT Artificial Intelligence?

  • Neural Networks and Machine Learning recognize price behavior patterns with high degrees of forecast accuracy.
  • Keeps up with rising markets.
  • Outperforms in choppy environments.
  • Significantly outperforms when markets decline sharply.
    • Goes to cash when turmoil threatens.
  • Proven capacity to continue to learn.